Affiliate Vault

What if you could have a list of all the best performing affiliates out there??

That is what we have compiled for you!! This is our Video Affiliate Vault.

How to Use the Vault to Organize Your Affiliates:
**We walk through the process in the video below.**

1) Copy the Affiliate Bank into your own spreadsheet.

2) Change the links so they are “yours”.

3) Post in this order: Wording, Link to FB Video, Amazon Link.

4) Schedule. Rinse and Repeat until you have your month filled.

Note: This is just our Video Vault. These are open to ALL class participants.

We also have banks of affiliates broken down by niche (ex: Food/kitchen, Home/garden, Kids/parenting, etc). To access those, you need to contribute. Only non-white background, authentic images are accepted. We open those vaults at the end of week #4, if you provided affiliates you can get access to them then.

The Video Affiliate Vault.